News From MigrationWiz: More Ways to Migrate More Data

News From MigrationWiz: More Ways to Migrate More Data
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There sure is a lot going on. Technology is changing and so is the way we work. Even BitTitan is changing, growing, and expanding our reach. Yet through it all, we continue to innovate, update, and add features to serve you better. We want to make sure you’re always well informed, so it’s time for a roundup of our second quarter release notes.


What’s new with MigrationWiz


We’re always looking for ways to expand what and where you can migrate with MigrationWiz. We’ve added a new endpoint, as well as a number of new capabilities:

Google Shared Drive to Google Shared Drive:

With the MigrationWiz Shared Document license, you can now migrate documents, folders, permissions, versions, and basic metadata from Google Shared Drive to Google Shared Drive. Learn more

OneDrive Document Versions & Metadata:

Use the MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle (UMB) to migrate documents, permissions, versions, and metadata from OneDrive to OneDrive. Learn more

Teams Document Versions & Metadata:

MigrationWiz now supports migrating document metadata and versions for Teams-to-Teams projects with a feature that can be activated for you by your BitTitan Technical Support team. For more information, refer to Teams to Teams Migrations - Document Versions and Metadata migration guide.

Teams Planner:

You can now migrate Planner content as part of a Teams-to-Teams migration, including plans, buckets, tasks, and Planner tabs. Learn more

New Google People API:

Since Google deprecated Contacts API on June 15, 2021, MigrationWiz now uses People API for any new Google mailbox migration projects. This is applicable for both the Source and Destination. Refer to Set Up Google API for more details.


New license for Microsoft migrations


Tenant Migration Bundle:

Use the new Tenant Migration Bundle for all people and data in a cross-tenant Microsoft migration. Much like the User Migration Bundle, which covers multiple workloads for a single user in a project, the Tenant Migration Bundle covers data stored in the most commonly-used applications in the Microsoft Office suite, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Learn more


MigrationWiz enhancements


Expanded Coexistence for Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations:

We’ve improved the way the tenant-to-tenant coexistence feature works for Microsoft 365 migrations with several enhanced features, including verbose logging, mailbox discovery scoping, flexibility and ‘fine grained’ options in project creation, and Microsoft 365 license management. We also now offer post-migration functions that provide an option to set/not set the forwarder back to the Source mailbox. Read Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Guide: While Changing the Domain Name and Using Coexistence to learn more.


Hybrid enhancements:

Refer to the Hybrid Exchange Management Guide to learn about Hybrid delegate enhancements and Hybrid license flexibility.


Coming soon


We’re always innovating! Look for even more enhancements on the horizon, including support for migrating additional Teams components like settings, private channels, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and website tabs. We will also be supporting more endpoints for migrating document versions and metadata. And, we want you to be able to autodiscover SharePoint sites and subsites for an even more streamlined migration. Stay tuned!

Click the links in this article to discover more about all these changes. If you have questions about any of these new features and updates, contact technical sales or your account team.

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