Stay Organized with Custom Tags in MigrationWiz

Stay Organized with Custom Tags in MigrationWiz

If you've used MigrationWiz, you've probably also used its sorting and filtering options to further streamline your migration projects. These options include Created Date, Last Updated Date, Source Email, Destination Email and Status. And now, based on some great user feedback we've received, we've taken things a step further: custom tagging is now available in MigrationWiz.

How does tagging in MigrationWiz work?

Tagging in MigrationWiz is best used for keeping track of multiple projects within the same dashboard. The tagging system is based on a system of three stars, colored green, red, and blue. You can use the stars to tag projects based on whatever criteria you define.

Here's how to use these star categories:

1. Mark items with star:





  • From your main dashboard, select each item that you want to mark with a certain color.



  • Left-click in the star column to bring up the color choices



  • Select the colored star that you want to mark for these selected items. This will then categorize the items with the colored stars





custom tags

2. Filter by the starred items:





  • Click on the filter button.



  • Select the colored star you want to filter by.









  • Review your results





Here's how to remove the filter:



  • Click on the filter button.



  • Uncheck the box next to the colored star that you previously filtered by.



Your dashboard will now show all items, including any stars that have been added to items.

Here's how to remove a star:



  • Select the items.



  • Right-click on the star column.



  • Click on the "remove" link from the pop-up window.





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