Project Sharing For MigrationWiz is Here!

Project Sharing For MigrationWiz is Here!

You asked for it. We built it.

MigrationWiz®, the industry's leading cloud-based migration solution, now allows multiple team members to collaborate on individual migration projects through newly released capabilities called Project Sharing.

Building off the momentum from Microsoft Inspire this past July, Project Sharing within MigrationWiz provides IT Service Providers (ITSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with unprecedented insight and visibility into Workgroup affiliations, license consumption, in-progress migrations, completed projects, as well as detailed enterprise auditing and reporting.

“When we demoed Project Sharing at Inspire, our customers were really happy to see the added collaboration capacities,” said Mark Kirstein, VP, Products at BitTitan. “For the first time, colleagues can work together for the same customer – and on the same project – without needing to share credentials or having to complete a migration project on one’s own. As one of our most popular requests from SMBs and enterprises, alike, Project Sharing empowers our customers to scale easily, quickly and securely.”

MigrationWiz is the only 100% cloud-based solution on the market capable of migrating mail, documents, personal archives, public folders, and cloud storage from any Source to any Destination – all as one tool, with one user interface. ITSPs and MSPs can migrate anytime from anywhere. With the implementation of Project Sharing, Agents in the same Workgroup can coordinate on the same project – regardless of whether they’re in Denver or New Delhi.

Project Sharing increases efficiency and productivity while streamlining the entire migration experience for both IT professionals and end users. While many ITSPs and MSPs work in silos, Project Sharing fosters teamwork so MigrationWiz users can see:


  • All the Workgroups to which a user belongs.
  • Every customer that has a MigrationWiz project associated with it.
  • A list of all MigrationWiz projects inside the respective Workgroup, even if the project was not created by that individual MigrationWiz user.
  • Whether or not a particular Workgroup has licenses associated with it.
  • The number of licenses associated with that Workgroup.

Head over to the Product Announcements page for more info, and check out our KB article, Project Sharing in MigrationWiz, via the BitTitan Help Center.

Have ideas for other feature additions to MigrationWiz? Feel free to Contact Us.

As always, happy migrating!

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