Video: Experts Discuss Creating Recurring Revenue

Video: Experts Discuss Creating Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue starts with delivering recurring value.

Ongoing managed services are an opportunity to better align your offerings to customer needs and to examine your delivery process.

When MSPs identify where existing or new customers can benefit from continued support, they increase their business value, drive business growth, improve their profitability, and develop better customer relationships.

In this Modern MSP video, BitTitan partners discuss how recurring revenue is a powerful step in rethinking how you deliver value to customers and grow your business.

Watch the video or read our favorite quotes below!


Aaron Guilmette, Microsoft:

That's the first part of the revenue stream, is getting somebody used to always paying for services. Once you have a customer that is always paying for services, they need an extra level of support.


Martin Saunders, Claranet:

The next moving point on from there is the managed service piece. Once you've done the migration, you then start to look after them.


Chris McVeen, Bishop Technologies:

Package the right solutions together that offer the right value, that it can be repetitive.


Loryan Strant, Generation-e:

They need to be offering advisory, consultancy services; they need be more aligned with the business, not just what storage the company needs, or email, or remote access.


Michelle Markham, Microsoft:

You need to think about the customer lifetime value and how you're making ongoing revenue streams.


Stefan Rosenlund, Zitcom A/S:

Even though we have AWS and Azure and all the other hyper-scalers, you still need to wrap managed services around that and you need to do it in fairly automated way to be successful and to stay profitable.


Steve Dawson, ONGC Systems:

At the end of the day, if you can provide the scenario and do it quickly, effectively, repeatably, you're going to be able to come to market and put a dent in it--a big dent in it.


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