Grow your Azure Business with MSPComplete

Use Automated Runbooks for assessment, virtual machine migrations, and Azure managed services.

It's hard to begin building your Azure business.

As Azure grows in popularity, MSPs have the opportunity to learn the platform, launch managed services, and differentiate their cloud business. Though the opportunity is worthwhile, it's difficult to launch new services and even harder to launch new services around a new platform. To successfully go to market, MSPs need to build an Azure portfolio, write service descriptions, develop pricing, setup the infrastructure, and train their teams. Since many customers are unfamiliar with Azure, MSPs face the additional challenge of educating potential clients on the value and benefits of migrating to the platform.

How will you profitably offer and scale Azure services?

Launching new services takes time and costs money. To successfully launch an Azure business, you need to build services your team can easily learn, deliver, and scale while also taking advantage of Microsoft incentives.

How will you develop your Azure expertise?

You need to educate customers on the value of Azure and guide them through building the right solution. You need tools that help you plan smooth migrations and cut customers costs.

Take advantage of the Azure opportunity with MSComplete.

Help customers experience the benefits of Azure, including uptime SLAs, greater security, and automatic upgrades. Deliver assessments, migrations, and ongoing managed services for recurring revenue in the cloud.

Be an Azure expert

Offer solutions for Azure Operations Management Suite, Azure Site Recovery, and Tenant.

Create unique cloud solutions

Support on-premises and SaaS file-sharing sources.

Grow your CSP business

Bundle ongoing managed services around Azure migrations.

Make money with Azure, from assessments to managed services.

Expand your services portfolio and expertise to take advantage of the fastest-growing cloud platform. MSPComplete can help you seize immediate opportunities and jumpstart new revenue streams with Azure infrastructure, Operations Management Suite, and Azure Site Recovery.

MSPComplete Azure Services

MSPComplete Azure Services

Azure Assessment Workshop Guide

Azure Assessment Workshop Guide

Azure Adoption Marketing Campaign-in-a-Box

Azure Adoption Marketing Campaign-in-a-Box