The Azure opportunity

Why should you create a new set of services around Azure? 

Microsoft reports 120,000 new Azure subscriptions every month. Helping your customers migrate their outdated SQL databases to Azure SQL can generate an immediate return on investment. Provide your customers with important benefits like uptime SLAs, greater security, and automatic upgrades. You can even migrate blob storage to Azure Blob Storage and Azure files.

The Azure Starter Kit offers education and tools to help you get in on the Azure action, without special training or certification.

HealthCheck for Azure

Provide detailed reporting, cost analysis, and planning to encourage your customers to adopt Azure.

Database Migration

Assess on-premises SQL databases and migrate compatible databases to Azure SQL with a few clicks.

Cloud Storage Migration 

Automate the migration of large amounts of unstructured data from on-prem or AWS to Microsoft Azure.


Build managed services around Azure and offer a 24/7 end user IT help desk.

Learn how you can glide right into Azure.

Azure is a multimillion-dollar opportunity for MSPs. Tap into it. No special training required.

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