Cloud Movers: We Like the Heavy Lifting

Cloud Movers: We Like the Heavy Lifting

Let’s face it: moving isn’t fun. Relocating to a new home or city might be an exciting prospect, but the thought of physically transporting all of your possessions from one location to another is just the opposite. It’s time-consuming, it’s exhausting, and it’s a logistical nightmare.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you face this all the time in the form of cloud migration projects. And the worst part is, it’s not even your stuff! It belongs to your customers. It’s mailboxes and data like documents, PSTs, and public folders, and it needs to move somewhere else, either into the cloud or between clouds.

Just like moving to a new house, MSPs have a couple options. You can try and do it all yourself. You can bribe a friend with pizza and beer who’s done a migration or two before and hope for the best. Or you can engage a moving company – a cloud migration tool – to get the job done. Here’s why that last option is the best.


When It Comes to Migrations, Time is Literally Money

While most cloud migration tools come with a per-user license cost, your margins from time-savings far outweigh that cost. If you’re smart, you’re also charging your customer a per-user cost and you’ve bundled important planning and other assessment services around this tool and the cloud subscription sale to increase revenue on the project.

A big benefit of a cloud migration solution is speed. Tools like MigrationWiz accelerate that transition, moving data as quickly as a customer's Source environment will allow. That’s the whole point of a lift-and-shift migration: get those applications and workloads into the cloud as quickly as possible.

By enabling you to perform large migrations over the course of a single weekend, these tools limit the potential for downtime and interruption to the end user’s experience, while offering support and troubleshooting options if the project goes awry. They also come with resources like step-by-step migration guides that walk through specific Source-to-Destination scenarios. All of this equals a faster, more reliable solution for you and a seamless experience for end users.


The Real Recovered Cost: Opportunity

There’s always the question of what else you could be doing.

Migrations performed with a cloud-based tool don’t require your entire organization to manage the project. They don’t need someone to go on-prem to the customer and deploy anything locally. And they don’t require hours of labor from the whole team over the weekend. The less time (read: labor costs) you spend on this project, the greater your margin will be. In fact, according to reviews from IT professionals who have used MigrationWiz, driving internal and operational efficiencies is the top reason they decided to purchase licenses for their project.



That’s the beauty of automation at the core of these tools. A single technician can configure, execute, and manage a migration, and if you need to collaborate with other members of the team, Project Sharing is here to help.


“Still Got Boxes in the Garage?”

That’s the true test of how complete a move is, right? And just like moving to a new home, the work isn’t over after your last migration pass. That’s like the moving company unloading the truck on your front lawn. It’s not where the stuff belongs, and it means a ton of extra work for you to get settled in your new place.

BitTitan helps MSPs unpack customers in the cloud with DeploymentPro, our automated Outlook configuration tool. Included in the User Migration Bundle and deployable via Group Policy, the agent runs silently in the background to remotely flip Outlook profiles. It saves your people from in-person visits to desktops or devices to configure Outlook post-project, and ensures signatures, rules, and other pieces are in place for end users. Talk about a margin booster.

So that’s it! Next time you need to move, hire MigrationWiz. We don't mind the heavy lifting.

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