Dear VAR, We’re Through.

Dear VAR, We’re Through.

If VARs aren’t talking Cloud with their customers, it doesn’t mean their customers aren’t talking about it. In a recent LinkedIn post, Shane Zide of CDW Cloud Portfolio shares a clever anecdote of the customer/VAR breakup over the cloud. And it’s heartbreaking. Well, at first that is.

The entire script takes place on a luxurious fishing boat floating in the majesty of the Gulf of Mexico - a picturesque scene with the VAR taking the role of the dashing, ruggedly handsome captain. It all falls apart once the customer starts to explain that they won't be refreshing their data centers. Our VAR/captain doesn't take it very well, and who could blame him?

Think about it—no more datacenter refresh, no more hardware to service, no more on-prem workloads whatsoever. A seven-year relationship, gone in an instant. They're moving to the cloud...and it’s been in the works internally for years.

The reality is, these types of conversations are happening. The VAR model of hardware 24/7 had its day, but cloud is becoming the norm. And it’s accelerating, as we learned from this year's Microsoft World Partner Conference.

In the end of Zide’s story, the sobbing VAR is told he can prevail by adopting an MSP model. The solution is “…a cloud practice containing over 200+ cloud partners and various consulting, professional & managed services.” The moral of the story, and the reality of the IT services industry, is this: Transitioning from hardware supporter to trusted cloud advisor is a matter of survival.

Check out the full article by Shane Zide. Make some popcorn and grab some tissues. It’s a kick. Then join us back here for a group hug. We had some great years together, VARs, but now we need some time to focus on ourselves. We're sure you'll make a lucky vendor happy someday.

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