Hybrid ROI Calculator: See My Savings!

Hybrid ROI Calculator: See My Savings!

With Hybrid Exchange Management features live in MigrationWiz, partners and internal IT teams are already seeing time and resource savings through the solution.

Just how much savings, though?

When you have free methods like scripting and spreadsheets as one option, understanding why your investment in a tool like MigrationWiz is worth it is important. Our new calculator allows you to do just that.   



Calculate your savings

The Hybrid ROI Calculator is designed to provide an estimate of time and resource savings given your specific project details. Based on inputs such as number of mailboxes, run rate, and number of engineers involved in the project, the calculator compares the cost of delivering your project through manual methods versus MigrationWiz side-by-side.

The first part of the calculator offers estimates on three general project sizes. The table on the right will update dynamically as selection changes.



For those wanting a more customized view of their savings, clicking “See Full Savings” takes you to a much more granular view of the calculator. Here’s where the real magic lies. By adjusting those pre-made inputs like total mailboxes, run rate (the number of mailboxes you are looking to migrate per week), as well as labor rates for senior and junior resources, you can determine how much your project will cost to deliver and how much you can save with MigrationWiz.



Once those inputs are set, you can compare project plans for each phase side-by-side, even adjusting resource allocation and timelines for individual sections.

Where MigrationWiz comes into play is the biggest part of this plan – the Production phase where the majority of users are being moved. By using MigrationWiz, teams can allocate fewer senior resources to hybrid engagements, enabling lower level IT techs or internal IT teams themselves to manage the bulk of the project.


What's your hybrid strategy?

For teams that have limited resources, lower expertise around hybrid environments, or happen to be internal IT teams looking to migrate themselves, MigrationWiz offer an easier path to a successful migration.

Building the scripts and additional automation into MigrationWiz makes it simpler to batch users automatically, even preserve delegate relationships through the actual cutover. The result is a faster and easier migration experience that can be handled with lower IT resources.

For partners, this means lower delivery costs to end users and the opportunity to bid more competitively on engagements.

For internal IT teams, this frees up the senior resources to tackle other aspects of the project or move onto other engagements entirely.

There is an added cost up front with MigrationWiz licenses – but that cost is quickly recouped in the time and resource savings from having a tool you can trust to more effectively manage these projects.

Head on over to our Hybrid Exchange Management page to see more information and a demo of this solution, and to see your full savings with our ROI Calculator.

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