Migration Wizards: Opening Doors With Your Own Abracadabra

Migration Wizards: Opening Doors With Your Own Abracadabra

This post is the first in our "Migration Wizard" series on the BitTitan Blog. Follow these links to the next installments in this series: "More Than Tech. More Than Data. You Migrate Businesses" and "When Do YOU Want to Make Money?"

Beyond the technology, most projects you perform are migrations. From one platform to another. From older versions to the newest. From on-prem to the cloud. You move clients from one experience to another. Now learn how to leverage your migration wizardry to magically open doors to new clients. Migration Wizards: “I’ll Take You There!”

At its core, all technology is about movement. We all feel the need: the need for speed. Faster pipes. Protocol tunneling. Booting up. Avoiding downtime.

For the last ten years, a lot of our movement has been in one direction: to the cloud! From on-prem email to cloud email. On-prem data repositories to online data management. From disk-to-disk to disk-to-tape to everything to cloud backup. Spinning up BDRs as mounted volumes, we “fail-over” from primary to redundant backups.

Faster processor, faster data bus, faster backbone to faster fabric. Tech is an industry on the move!


Migration – It’s Your Vocation!

When you first hear the word “migration,” it’s kind of like when you first heard the word “infrastructure.” Sure, it’s a thing. But so what?

The fact is that everything we do in tech is a migration. From on-prem to cloud, sure. But also from old version to newest, from old application to new, from platform to platform, operating system to new operating system, from on-prem storage area network to storage in the cloud, we move it all. Sometimes it’s as small as moving from smartphone to smartphone, or laptop to tablet.

No matter what, there is always a current state and a desired future state, and it is that future state we need to focus our customers’ attention on!


“I’ll Take You There”

So goes the Staple Singers’ 1972 hit tune, “I know a place. Ain’t nobody cryin’. Ain’t nobody worrying. Ain’t no smilin’ faces lyin’ to the races. I’ll take you there!” Why do you think they call it a DESIRED future state? Everybody wants to go there. So what are you going to tell your customers?

I’ll Take You There!

You’ve been taking them “there” as long as you’ve been in tech. That’s why BitTitan created the MigrationWiz product in the first place, to help “Migration Wizards” who were best at what tech does most move customers from where they are to where they want to be.


The Magic Words – Your Abracadabra

The Migration Wizard’s magic words are phrases like “gradual.” We’ll get you there gradually so there’s no disruption of business operations.

Another is “adoption.” Without it, the migration will fail. Of the migration projects that fail, three quarters do so because user adoption of the new platform is unsuccessful. Properly planned and executed, with great human transition management, training, and zero-day support, users will adopt and the project will be deemed a great success.

Ultimately, the most magic word for customers is “complete.” A complete migration leaves an easily-traveled path to all resources, even those that were archived during the transition.

But for you, the Migration Wizard, the key word is “plan.” An unplanned migration is an invitation to disaster. Careful planning, thorough inventory and assessment of all assets, user communities, applications, workloads, and everything else, followed by planned migration events using sound migration tools are what it takes to “get you there” successfully.



With that, we welcome you to the Migration Wizard’s Blog. Since everything we do in tech is migration, this blog is for everyone in tech. There will be great advice here for those who are just becoming new Migration Wizards, as well as insights for those who have been migrating customers everywhere for years and years, and from those who have been migrating customers for years as well. As the lead blogger for “The Migration Expert Zone” for Dell and Microsoft for years, we’re looking for your questions, your ideas, and your advice to others to share here. Email us your ideas or join the conversation below!


Getting Started with MigrationWiz

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