BitTitan Introduces Microsoft Teams™ Migration Capabilities to MigrationWiz

July 09, 2019

BELLEVUE, WASH. (July 9, 2019) – BitTitan, the developer of MigrationWiz and a global leader in managed services automation, today announced the introduction of new capabilities to its popular cloud office migration solution to support the migration of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.

According to growth figures from Microsoft, more than 500,000 organizations have adopted Teams, including 91 percent of Fortune 100 companies, with that number expected to climb as more end users move to Microsoft Office 365. While MigrationWiz has been the preferred tool for IT professionals to migrate users and data to or between instances of Office 365, the addition of Teams migration capabilities enables these professionals to support this growing workload demand and deliver an end-to-end Office 365 migration experience.

With the introduction of these new capabilities, IT professionals using MigrationWiz can now migrate a Teams instance and the individual components including Teams, Channels, Conversations, Permissions and Files within that instance. In addition, IT professionals can conduct a pre-migration Teams assessment for this scenario in MigrationWiz to analyze the number of Teams, amount of data and number of users needing to be migrated. The assessment will help gauge aspects of a Teams migration project, including timelines and number of licenses required, to better estimate overall project costs.

“Microsoft Teams is emerging as a key application in Microsoft Office 365 and we’re seeing demand from our customers to support this new workload between Office 365 tenants,” said Mark Kirstein, BitTitan’s vice president of products. “Prior to today, there wasn’t a clear path to migrate Teams. By introducing these new capabilities to MigrationWiz, IT professionals can deliver a fast, easy and secure migration experience and enable their end users to take advantage of the collaboration features present in Teams.”

“With the continued proliferation and explosive adoption of Microsoft Teams, customers are expecting to be able to migrate their Teams content in a similar fashion to other Office 365 services. As an early adopter of BitTitan products to provide leading-edge solutions to our customers, we were eager to leverage MigrationWiz for Teams projects and incorporated them into our existing tenant to tenant migration toolkit,” said Jim Banach, Practice Group Lead at New Signature. “This enables us to address the entire scope of this particular migration scenario and ensures our customers have a much more comprehensive transition to their new tenant.”

To support these projects, BitTitan is introducing a new Collaboration License. This license will allow the lift-and-shift migration of a Teams instance from one Office 365 tenant to another. The Collaboration License will be priced at $15 per user with a data allowance of 10 gigabytes per license. Licenses may be purchased directly from BitTitan or through a distribution partner. As with all other workloads, Teams migrations can be configured, launched and managed from the same unified interface in MigrationWiz by selecting “Create a Collaboration Project.”

Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft Teams is rapidly expanding as a central collaboration hub in Microsoft Office 365, becoming a core part of a company’s digital workplace strategy. This also means when a larger IT transformation project takes place, such as a migration between Office 365 tenants, it’s critical that valuable information inside Teams is preserved for users. I am pleased to see BitTitan invest in delivering new capabilities for MigrationWiz to support our customers in their Teams adoption.”

Representatives from BitTitan will showcase Teams migration capabilities at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas from July 14 through July 18. To see a demo of the new Teams migration features, visit the BitTitan website.