MSPs share: What is a Modern MSP?

MSPs share: What is a Modern MSP?

There’s a constant shift in what it means to be a managed service provider (or a modern MSP). That’s understandable: customers’ needs are shifting, and you need to shift with them. Ideally, though, you are ahead of the game and can lead them in the direction that they need to go. Who’s doing that?



Our marketing team interviewed several of our most innovative partners about how they go about leading their customers and by extension, staying ahead of trends in the industry. Here’s the first in a series of videos discussing topics that are important to the Modern MSP. The first, most important question is of course: what is a modern MSP?

Keep an eye out for more videos coming soon in this #ModernMSP video series. In the meantime,  join the conversation on Twitter and let us know what a #ModernMSP means to you? What are you/should you do to ensure you are a #ModernMSP?

ModernMSP - What Is A Modern MSP?

The modern MSP. They need to be able to offer their clients a little bit of everything. The customer shouldn't have to think about IT.

~Matt Ryrie - Betach Solutions Inc.

It's somebody who's ahead of the game. Who basically can understand you as a customer all the way from where you're currently at to, where you need to go; as well as understanding knowing your practice better than anybody else does.

~Rick Borquez - CalNet Technology Group

Modern managed service provider has a different mindset and they're open for change. We can all see the shift with cloud service and cloud service adoption. So it's all happening and you can do one of two things: you can bury your head in the sand or you can say "alright, the industry is changing and we're going to change with it."

~Aaron Leonard - Simple I.D.

I think a modern MSP is... Takes the worry out of IT.

~Matt Ryrie - Betach Solutions Inc.


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